July 26, 2010


Spring time and the legs are back
but what of the goose babies at the sundial?
Gone are the goslings. The trimmed flora
leaves no coverage and mamma goose knows it.

Just wait – you just wait soon the sun will warm
this place and soon you’ll stand elbow to elbow.
Your buoy, green like a watermelon
floating in the murkish water
like a giant bobber waiting for a strike.
Who ever would have thought
a watermelon would float?

If this hotel is supposed to be
a ship docked for people to see
then why not this pointy building
a rocket to the moon?
Launch-ees would look down
& see Miss Liberty waving bye-bye
“Ya’ll come back now, heah!”

We could wait near the sundial for
joggers and power walkers,
kissers and friends and post cards
from OUR MAN on the moon

last year the goslings on the pier
piqued our curiosity
fuzzy little birds and protective parent
the babes hopped skipped & looked cute
Maybe like the sparrows or the swallows
they’ll return to Hyatt pier – for old times’ sake

- By Anthony Buccino
Copyright © 2010 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.