July 24, 2010


Pizza War of 2006
by Anthony Buccino

Only in my town with its open school lunch
Would there be so many pizzerias
Vying for label of Best in Town
You had Ralph’s for a while
Then they stepped aside, to be fair
Until it was time to raise more dough
And Michael’s claimed the prize
With the count it was disputed in the backroom
And two winners emerged with the title
The formerly friendly businessmen
Now engaged in a firm debate
Who puts the best pizza on the plate

It all started so innocuously, innocently, in fact,
For the Jaycees who raised scholarship money
So Nutley’s best and brightest could afford college

So now you have a pizza war
And the tossers’ dispute unsettled
As we wait for the this year’s winners
Have called in the big guns to decide the winner
The League of Women Voters will be overseeing
The pizza wars this year, and they decided
That each person shall have only one vote
The Pizza Challenge they are calling it
This the tenth annual event of pies
When once again Nutley pizzerias will vie

The loser this year, we hear, will
Sleep with the anchovies

- By Anthony Buccino

From the upcoming YOUNTAKAH COUNTRY A Poetic View of Nutley Old and New
Copyright © 2010-2017 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.