July 18, 2010


Afraid to spend
Afraid to save
Afraid to ask for advice
Afraid to plan
Afraid of
Afraid of swindlers

What if I lose,
Give me St. Mattress
Lotto magic

Afraid of parents’ needs
Afraid of children’s needs
Afraid of our own needs
Afraid to do anything
but live in the here and now
Afraid of inheritance tax
Afraid of nursing home
Afraid to not start reading the money book again

No wonder people are afraid of money, money is scary!
People fight over it; cheat over it,
Worry and connive to get more of it
Abscond, horde and fret over it

The love of it is the root of all evil!
And yet, There’s no getting around it,
money makes the world go round.

It can make your head go round,
and your stomach spin queasy bad.

No matter how you feel you have to have money,
at least some, a little bit,
enough to tide you over. But for how long?

You could be like the guy in the Internet boom
Super Bowl commercial and have
money coming out your wazoo.
Or you could be crying nickels
and laughing pennies

Wherever you go in this civilized world,
there is money,
standing around you,
taunting you, calling you, teasing
and pleasing you.

The reality of money
(as opposed to the perception
of money – thanks Rolling Stone)
is you can’t always get what you want
(thanks other Rolling Stones)
but you might get what you need,
but you’ll not know the difference
until all is said and done.

Maybe you’ve thrown quarters around like sewer plates,
maybe you’re afraid of money, maybe money
in all its denominations scares you
because of its uncertainty in your relationship.
Money, unlike life, is not a cabaret old friend.
Be afraid
Be very afraid.

- By Anthony Buccino
Copyright © 2010 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.