July 14, 2010


Who could wait to drive
the family sedan or wagon
to the Brookdale soda depot
on 6th Street or Sylvan?
Empty cases in the trunk
Scooting through tree-lined streets
To the back yard driveway off
Sylvan Avenue in Bloomfield
or the Allwood Circle.
Or downtown at Heller/Heller
on Franklin Avenue.
Grab a hand cart
and an empty case
Splintering wood
and later dark-blue plastic
Go through the stacks
of cases and fill them:

Birch beer – two or three,
kola, cream,
pale dry ginger ale, Cheers.
don’t forget quinine, too.
Blood red cherry and cherry-pit,
another birch
and fill it out with root beer,
more Kola, too
and orange soda, cream,
and bright green lemon-lime
Life never got
any better than this,
and we wouldn’t know
that for a long while

- By Anthony Buccino
Copyright © 2010 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.
Memories of Brookdale Soda