October 20, 2010



It’s only their jealousy
Of your youth
You with your life ahead of you.
Their jealousy tells them to destroy.
Your pride says to fight
However you can
And for as long

Be prepared for the worst
Brace yourself
Against the pain
When they aim their fangs
At your neck
But end up biting
Between your legs

There’s no one on your side
Except your youth
Which they hate you for
In the first place

It’s only their jealousy
Of your youth
They all like to see you
Squirm, wriggle
And quiver like a worm
You won’t lower yourself to be

-- Copyright © 2010 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.
Adapted from long-lost FROM A WAREHOUSE chapbook.

The Old Guys Hated Me These poems were written about the same times but 30 years apart.

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