October 9, 2010


da Vinci paints my house, 
the shutters are camouflage.
Fermi fixes my furnace, 
it doesn’t hum, it ticks.
Galileo is my personal trainer, 
he leaves stretch charts behind.
Newton trims my trees, 
leaves apple bushels by the back door.
Milton writes my insurance policy, 
suggests a heavenly rider.
Plato teaches 7th grade history, 
seats bad boys in the corner.
Marconi hooks up my router, 
slips me the secret password.
Edison installs my ground lights, 
draws the line at a timer.
Seurat papers my basement, 
you’d swear it’s Sunday in the park.
Gulliver books my Europe trip, 
suggests an island stay,
Tussaud waxes poetic, 
offers a cool, slick hand.
Beethovan tunes my piano, 
suggests I play by ear.
Naked Cowboy strums a tune, 
briefly draws women near.
Stephen King reads bedtimes stories,
the kids can’t sleep.

-- Copyright © 2009 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved. Photos and content may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission.
First published: Up and Under: The QND Review" - 2009

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Bruce Niedt said...

Always liked this poem, but for the record, our publication is "Up and Under: The QND Review".