September 15, 2010


The old man up the street
died – but I don't know
how long ago or why

In fact, I never shook his hand
or learned his name - or about his
family except that he was alone

The last time I spoke with him
was about a year or so ago
about aluminum siding his house

After the summer and siding
I barely spied him around his home
or back at the Dunkin Donuts

He told me he liked dogs but frowned
- when he mentioned the neighbors -
to say he'd never have one here

The kids in their own way remembered
Him as the man who looked like
Good old President Reagan

The kids, they said he looked
Like Ronald Reagan – like the
President lived up the block

The old man up the street died
he lived in a house just like mine
but with aluminum siding now

-- Copyright © 2010 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.
From Retrieving Labrador Days - Dog tales in prose and verse

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