September 17, 2010


Maybe some day they’ll name a ferry after me? The Bootch.
And everyone can ride The Bootch
to play Tourist in the Big City or go home to
the rest of America after a day of wonders.

I shall do a poetry reading. You can join me.
We’ll have others, strangers get on and off
and I’ll keep talking, reading my poetry,
pretending I still have feeling in my fingers,
that if I wanted to, I could write a poem
about this very box that rises and closes
and carries people up and down
like the ferry across the Mersey from Jersey
to the white tent building on Manhattan’s shore

I shall conspicuously spew these words on the ferry
named after me and anyone who
pays can come along to listen – I promise
I won’t read the old stuff and you won’t be
afraid of the water. Leave that to me.

- By Anthony Buccino
Copyright © 2010 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.

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