September 18, 2010


It’s been twenty-five years since we worked together.
You remember, after twelve years you traded me
to another location for someone with the same job title as mine
They want to get rid of him and you thought I would be better off there,
I could learn more as a small fish in a big pond.
Well, you know how it all went down.
The trying times I had, the angst and all the ire
and you and your guy butted heads, too, I heard.
But me, I moved on,
left that huge company with those great benefits
and the seniority and a stable paycheck
And, yeah, like Dennis said at my farewell,
“Andy, you shouldn’t be my boss, you should be out there
writing stuff, writing books, that’s what you should do.”

I took those writing jobs, it’s what I was supposed to do all along
some jobs lasted only two months, some eight months,
two I had for five years, and the one I’m in now, for more than ten.
It was during those no-work times when I wondered
where I would be if I had stayed in that sucky job with you.
And I realize, no matter how close to nothing I have in my wallet
and no matter how rough the seas in my marriage
these twenty-five years since I left your job have been the best...

- By Anthony Buccino
Adapted from CANNED - Booted, bumped, down-sized, fired, forced out, hated, hired, jobless, laid off, let go, out of work, out-sourced, pink-slipped, terminated, sacked, unemployed
Copyright © 2010 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.

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