August 22, 2010



Picture a car, a midsize car,
rolling along slowly.
And picture your hand flat out
in its path,
And picture the car slowly
rolling over your hand.
The rubber tires giving in
a little, but not too much,
And the car itself hard
but not too heavy that
one-quarter can roll
over your hand without
breaking a bone or a tendon
or whatever makes up your hand.
Now picture the soreness
in your joints as pain pulses
alternating numbness and pain,
a tingling passes without a bell
And sparks like needles pierce
out of your fiery fingertips.
Can you picture this?
Now, put down the pen
you can only see,
not feel in your hand,
and leave the poem,
you and your gnarled tics and fits,
you’ve made your point
with your throbbing arthritic funnel
that passes for your writing hand.

- By Anthony Buccino
From AMERICAN BOY: Pushing Sixty

Copyright © 2010 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved. Photos and content may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission.


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