September 14, 2011

One Morning in Jersey City

Verse written along the Hudson River in Jersey City, N.J.
By Anthony Buccino

You can hear a lot by looking around. Sometimes, standing along the Hudson River shoreline, you can dream of the freedom in the sailing beauty slipping through the waves, or question the signals proffered by a hungry seagull, or ponder why the pigeons follow you. Or you could sit ever so still and listen to the clatter of heels on the tile as the cigarette mafia heads outside for fresh air. 

You probably don't think of this as a 9/11 book, most readers don't, but that's what it is. In 1999, divine providence put me in a job on the eighth floor of a building directly across the Hudson River from lower Manhattan and the Twin Towers.
For the next ten years I saw Jersey City's building boom and strolled along the Riverwalk with Manhattan just a glance away. I could walk out on a pier and look north to the Washington Bridge and south to the Verrazano Bridge all the while soaking up the ambiance of city life in the shadow of a big city across the way.
And so, this book that resulted in 2008 is a bit of before, some every day life, and some after. Just thought you might like to know that.

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