November 22, 2010


Now, Sam, did you really think
That you could step out of mediocrity
And step into the love of your life?

You didn’t think you could do it
Without having lost once or twice
And you can’t keep love alive without
Working and struggling at it.

If you thought it was so simple
Now, you know it’s not
And the loss of your most sacred lover
Will pass as others come before you.

Remember now as you encounter lovers
It’s not just a ‘give-me’ gig

If you don’t want it to work
Don’t bother to look, but if you want
To succeed, keep looking, keep working.

When love is right for you, you’ll know
The feeling – though you’ve only felt it
Once before.

If love starts to walk away
Go after it, man, follow it,
Don't let it get away.

- Copyright © 2010 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved. Photos and content may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission.

Photo, The Kiss 2, by Anthony Buccino, taken at the Hyatt in Jersey City, NJ. These two youngsters were at it for quite a while ... as the next shot in the series will show later this week. 

Alternate ending:

If love starts to walk away
Follow it to the end of the earth
Where new love is old love renewed.


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